TIPSER product import

Tipser has a few different possibilities to automatically synchronise product data, stock status and prices to be as close to the status of the source system as possible.

Product Feed integration

Tipser can read a complete feed of product data from the merchant source system that returns all available products.

The preferred format is in either XML or JSON, but Tipser can handle feeds from most e-commerce platforms. A more detailed specification can be worked out based on the available feeds in the source system (the merchant's system).

The preferred Tipser standard feed format can be found here.

Tipser prefers a structure where all variants are nested into the Product, but a flat product structure could also be stitched together given that there's a VariantId or GroupId that specifies what products belong into the same group.


To keep stock count , availability and prices as accurate as possible, Tipser has implemented the possibility to check this data on the fly, e.g. as soon as a visitor requests this data in the frontend, or when the shopping cart is loaded. This way Tipser prevents selling products that are out of stock.