Tipser embedded shopping

Tipser enables commerce on almost any site. An easy way to enable shopping on your site is to install the Tipser script and use the Tipser Tools to insert collections directly into your content. The installation of the script on your site typically takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done by even non-technical people. Below are the three most common ways to integrate Tipser into your site. For more advanced options, it's possible to use our Javascript SDK or directly integrate with our REST API.

Insert collection - Get the look

The Get the look (GTL) enables a user to add a bundle of products – a collection – into a post, an article or a specific area on a page. The collection is curated by by clicking the Insert Collection in the Tipser Bookmarklet (or by clicking “Get the look” where Tipser is integrated as a native tool. The user will be asked to create a collection and name it. When done, the user can search the full range within Tipser and select the right products for the collection.

When done, click “insert collection”

and paste the snippet into the desired place.

The collection will appear where published, all products directly buyable.


The shop displays all collections selected “visible” in one view and is best used to present a group of collections on a separate page. The shop should be placed in a page where sufficient space is available, however the script automatically blends in and adapts to the space given.

See an example shop at

Collections are created using the Tipser Tools, or the Store Front Editor on . This works the same way as for insert collection/ GTL.

All collections are set to “visible” by default but can be hidden by clicking the eye.

Image tagging

The image tagging functionality can be used to tag products in a specific image. The products become instantly shoppable upon clicking the tag.

Once a plus symbol is clicked the full product view is shown as well as the possibility to add the product, and many more, to the shopping cart.

See examples here:

The product in the image is marked using the edit function that appears on the image once Tipser Tools is activated:

Clicking the the edit button in the image brings up the search window. Mark or drag the area you wish to tag, search the right products and hit “save” to complete the image tagging.