Editor Tools

The Tipser Bookmarklet is designed as a platform independent editing tool.

It can be installed by dragging the button "Tipser Tools" onto your bookmarks bar in the browser on the Get Started page on tipser.com.

Or, you create an empty bookmark in the bookmarks bar and insert the following script where the URL normally goes:

javascript:(function(){(typeof TipserBookmarklet!='undefined')?TipserBookmarklet.init():document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src='//www.tipser.com/widget/bookmarklet.js?'+Math.random();}());

The bookmarklet, in combination with a Tipser Script on the actual page will enable full editing capability of any Tipser-content in most platforms. With the bookmarklet users will be able to tag images, insert collections and edit their shops. It also enables access to the commission overview.